Arise and Shine Elementary School and Loom International

A few years ago I visited Loom International’s office in Portland Oregon and I was so impressed by the incredible work that they do.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 6.52.01 PM

One of Loom’s partners is Arise and Shine Elementary School which is on the YWAM Kigali Base. We will have the pleasure of working with them while we are in Rwanda and I am so very excited to see the other end of Loom’s work. Their volunteer teachers are taught their Celebrating Children Workshop which gives practical tools to people working with children at risk. “Through conversation and creativity, we continually look at how we can participate with God’s plans for restoring his intentions for children. The CCW blends biblical, scientific, social and cultural perspectives in order to provide a holistic approach to caring for the well being of a child.” – Loom International

  • An estimated 60% of projects serving at-risk children fail within the first two years.
  • The reasons are numerous, but we have found that it often boils down to a lack of funding, a lack of staff and organizational skills and too many times—serious burn-out. Serving vulnerable communities can be back-breaking and heart-breaking work and yet, every day, every where, Local Experts are choosing to keep at it.
  • This is where Loom comes in. The challenges are never simple, but we believe that many times the solutions can be. Our tools bring tangible, practical approaches, such as specialized training, workshops, retreats, ongoing relationship and more—all with one focus: empowering people and their projects to be sustainable longterm.
  • From training on how to work with children at risk, to coaching staff on the financial and logistical aspects of projects, to helping integrate personal wellbeing and life-skills into a ministry’s daily work, the Loom tools form a holistic framework for lasting change.

We will be working directly with people trained through Loom’s Celebrating Children Workshop and experience first-hand the success of Rise and Shine School.


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