Week three of DTS

What we’ve been up to…

The DTS has begun and we are now in our third week of lecture phase. We have 9 students from Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. One of our students is coming from a Burundian refugee camp in the Eastern Province of Rwanda called Mahama. Mahama is home to around 75,000 Burundians fleeing political conflict and violence in Burundi. Our students are all coming from different backgrounds and cultures and it’s been amazing to learn and grow together as a team.

Our first week of lecture was about the character and nature of God taught by one of the staff here at YWAM Kigali. Our second week was about the father heart of God and forgiveness, taught by a local Rwandese pastor. The majority of our students have lost parents and family members to genocide and war. Some of our students are coming from unimaginable situations and it has been amazing to see the power of forgiveness and inner healing at work in their lives.

This week we have a couple from Australia teaching on relationship with God and identity in Christ. They were the base directors in YWAM England for 15 years and have been living and doing ministry in Australia for the past 13 years teaching in high security prisons. They have been such a blessing to our school and encouragers to us.

The team from Kona Hawaii is leaving for Uganda on February 5th to finish the last three weeks of their outreach phase at YWAM Jinja in Uganda. They have been such a blessing to the base and to the local ministries that they have been working with. They will be missed!

What we will be up to…

In April we will start the outreach phase of our school. Outreach is an opportunity for students to practically apply what they’ve learned in lecture phase. They will get a taste for different ministries and what it is like for missionaries in the field by working alongside locals. We don’t know where we will take our class for outreach yet but we are praying about different locations. We will be leading and planning this time for our class.

We have 9 more weeks of lecture phase which is a busy schedule of group intercession, worship, lectures, devotional times, quite time and so many other activities that we are juggling and organizing. We mentor students one on one which is intense at times because of their difficult pasts.

Pray with us
  • We are still praying and thinking about where to take our class for outreach phase. Please pray with us that the staff would hear clearly from God about where to go and that the staff could make a unified decision.
  • Most of our students don’t have the money to pay for their DTS school fees. Please pray with us that they are all able to complete the program and that God provides for them. If you want to support the DTS students, you can buy things from the DTS Facebook page store. All of the proceeds go to the DTS scholarship fund.

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